White Vein Horned Kratom Powder

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White Horn Kratom is known by many names. It is even labeled as White Maeng Da by some suppliers but no matter what the name is, the effects of this wonder leaf are hard to ignore. But what does the name mean and which properties is it rich in? We’ll find the answers below.

White-Horned Kratom: Its Origins and Properties

This strain’s name is taken from the ostensibly horned edges of the leaves from which it originates from. It’s one of the strains out there that has the most energy-enhancing properties and effects.

There are users who claim that the strain also possesses a good level of stimulative power and as well as a moderate level of euphoric effects. The energetic onset of the strain is fast-acting while it improves the mood and increases focus at the same time. These properties and characteristics make it a good strain to use in the morning in order to improve productivity.

The Lesser Effects That It Has

White Horn is known to contain less of the sedating effects as other white strain varieties possess. Some users are reporting that it is somewhat relaxing but the sedative power doesn’t go up to the level of Red strain Kratom varieties like the Red Horn Kratom for instance. The pain relieving effect is also observed to be milder than other strains.

The duration of its effects may vary but tests show that it is above average when a moderate dose of 2.5g to 5g is used. It lasts for over three hours at these doses. The nauseating and effects are also just average when compared to other strains.

Quality Kratom You Can Trust

Our Kratom powder and capsule product originate from only the mature and rightly aged leaves. They are harvested by indigenous tribes of Southeast Asia who have decades of experience picking Kratom leaves of different varieties.

The secret to high potency and efficacy is picking the right leaves at the right time and of course, these leaves need to be dried in the right amount of heat under the sun and is ground to a sugary consistency to make sure that the Kratom powder is effective in every type of application it will be used for.

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