White Thai Kratom Powder

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White Thai is a popular strain among those who are looking for a mild mixture of euphoric and energetic effects. It originates from Thailand although there are other Southeast Asian countries that are also supplying some good quality raw leaves. Just like the other white strain varieties, White Thai shouldn’t be mistaken to produce a white powder. The “White” description in its name actually refers to the color of the veins and not the leaf itself. It is mostly in light green color when turned into Kratom powder or placed into transparent capsules.

Its Properties and Unique Abilities

Most users say that White Thai tends to exhibit a mixture of mood and energy-enhancing properties. The level of its effect is found to be lower than average when compared to other white strain varieties. In order to feel its effects, some users are reporting that a higher dose is needed.

The effect really varies from person to person and for the White Thai Kratom strain, we’ve found people who are not that impressed saying that it has little to no effect at all. It is hard to verify the degree of truthfulness of these accounts without clinical trials. It’s possible that these users who turned skeptical about the strain may have tried a product that is full of impurities and fillers.

Its Less Dominant Properties

Just like the other white strains available, White Thai tends to have less or even none of the pain-relieving and sedative effects. It’s also been observed that the effects like within the average range when a moderate dose of 2.5- 5 grams is taken. In terms of nauseating effects, there is no evidence yet that the strain has more or less of this effect when compared to other strains.

Always Get High-Quality Kratom Products

The efficacy and potency of Kratom products largely depend on the raw materials itself. Our Kratom capsules and powders are sourced only from verified Southeast Asian countries who have employed experienced leaf pickers from among the indigenous tribes in Southeast Asia.

These tribes know the right time to harvest Kratom leaves and as well as the right leaves to harvest. After harvesting, the leaves are then dried up evenly on both sides and then pass through the traditional grinding process in order to produce a powder that has a sugary consistency.

The process of drying and grinding is important as these two ensures the potency of alkaloids that are responsible for preserving the effects which a strain possesses. Our Kratom is laboratory tested and is free from impurities and fillers making it highly-effective even at small doses.


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