White Bali Kratom Powder

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Just like all the other white strains, the White Bali Kratom variety primarily has a sedating property which is less active in the green and red strains. The “White” description in its name does not mean that the powder itself is white in color. It’s on the light green hue in actual but it’s called White Bali because the leaves which it originates from has a white vein structure all over.

What It’s Capable Of

Some White Bali Kratom users report improved focus and clarity of mind after taking a meager dose of it. It is also said to create a blissful and relaxing effect to its users. It is a good evening strain as others say but may also be a good one for improving mood and productivity when needed. That’s an unusual observation since most white strain kratoms are known to have effects that are leaning towards stimulating.

Its Lesser Effects

Different Kratom strains vary in terms of the effects that it is able to produce and the duration that effect may last for. High-quality kratom products take effect at a shorter time and last longer but these things may still vary from person to person. White Bali Kratom is more of an energizing strain just like the other white strains available while its stimulative effects seem lesser and only lasts a short time.

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Nomad Botanical only distributes Kratom products that are laboratory tested and are free from debris and fillers. Our raw material is sourced from verified Southeast Asian suppliers and is made from choice leaves picked by highly-experienced indigenous tribes in Southeast Asia.

The secret to an effective and highly-potent Kratom powder or capsule is the raw material itself. The Kratom leaf needs to be of the right age and it should come from the right tree. It should then be dried properly and ground to a powder that is sugary in terms of its consistency. That’s precisely what our products go through before it is packed ensuring effectiveness in every dose.

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