Red Thai Kratom Powder

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Kratom is currently illegal to grow in Thailand so whenever you see a “Thai Kratom” label on any Kratom-based products, it is more likely a misnomer and is there for marketing purposes. However, Thai Kratom is one of the sought after strains because of its longer-lasting effects.

Red Thai Kratom: What Is It Capable Of?

Users are reporting that Red Thai Kratom is a great option for those who are looking for a longer-lasting energy enhancement. It’s a good morning supplement as it jump starts the lazy head into action mode making the day more productive every time.

In terms of its sedative and euphoric effects, it is somewhat on the middle level so it offers a mixture of “feel good” relaxing effects and mood enhancing properties at the same time. There are users who also reported the strain’s effectiveness in fighting feelings of depression and anxiety while a minority have noticed the Red Thai’s ability to energize while being on the moderate level of sedation. This is especially unique among the other red strain Kratom varieties.

The Lesser Effects

Being a Red Strain Kratom variety, Red Thai is less inclined into the analgesic and pain-relieving side in terms of its effects. This may vary from person to person so a moderate dose is recommended at first use to see what the effects on you really are before making it your Kratom of choice.

It’s also important to note that Red Thai seems to be on the average level in terms of its nauseating effects but it’s not yet been tested if it’s more or less to produce this effect when compared to other strains.

Get The Best Kratom Products From Us

Before trying Kratom, it is a good idea to make sure that you’re getting one that is free from impurities and fillers. The raw materials that we use in our Kratom capsules and powders are sourced from verified suppliers in Southeast Asia. The leaves are harvested by indigenous tribes in the region who have decades of experience picking Kratom leaves and processing them to produce a powder that has a sugary consistency.

The secret to an effective strain is harvesting the right leaves at the right time of the day. The Kratom leaves need to be the right size and age as well to ensure that the alkaloids are on their highest levels. Alkaloids are responsible for preserving the effects that a particular strain is capable of giving off and its potency largely depends on most of the post-processing procedures.


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