Red Horned Kratom Powder

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A very rare and reportedly unpredictable strain of kratom is the Red Horn Kratom. Why is it labeled as unpredictable? Because the effects can either be fast, average, or slow, depending on how you want it to work. This type of strain is hard to secure. It is sometimes confused with the other red strain counterpart, the Maeng Da (which is more common and popular). But they are not one and the same. They do however, have a few things in common with each other. The leaves of the red vein Kratom are meticulously harvested and grinded into an ultra fine powder.

Where does the Red Horn Kratom Strain originate from?

The Red Horn Kratom is perhaps the rarest kratom there is. It can be found in Thailand and its neighboring places, similar to where Maeng Da is cultivated. But it sells very quickly due to its amazing medical properties and high market value. Much research has been put to this strain to improve on it further. They only grow a small quantity, and are already pre-sold in the market prior to the harvest.

What are the known effects of Red Horn Kratom?

As mentioned earlier, the Red Horn Kratom is very unpredictable. At times, it gives a feeling of excitement, and then when you take it again, you experience a totally different sensation of calm and relaxation. You can’t really tell what it will do for you.

But basically, it acts as a natural pain reliever especially for people suffering from chronic pains. The euphoric effects, however, only appear when you add 9 grams or more to your standard or prescribed dosage.

When you take Red Horn Kratom, expect to feel one, two or even all of these — enhanced mood, pain relief, energy surge, and anxiety reduction.

What is the ideal dosage for Red Horn Kratom?

You need to take extra caution when preparing your dosage. The Red Horn Kratom is so potent, a little extra might drastically affect you. Taking 1 to 3 grams a day will already give you significant effects. Beginners are advised  not to exceed a gram, but people who have chronic pain or who have been taking it for a while can have a higher dosage.

Are there existing reviews of the Red Horn Kratom?

We’ve scoured through a discussion forum of Reddit and found many reviews to be very positive. A lot of consumers say they are satisfied with its effects, especially those which provide pain relief and mood enhancement. Many also said they are happy with the way it makes them feel. Some say that even just a small amount makes them feel elated, more energetic, and gives them a sense of health and wellbeing.

Another discussion on Bluelight forum talked about the ideal amount needed to produce effects of euphoria as well as improve one’s mood. They said that 4 to 6 grams of Red Horn Kratom powder is all it takes to get those desired effects. Because of its seemingly miraculous effects, it has been dubbed as the herb from paradise on one of the Kratom forums. It’s no wonder this strain has become highly sought-after across the globe.


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