Red Borneo Kratom Powder

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Red Borneo Kratom is often labeled in different names by different suppliers. It’s the same strain as those labeled “Julu”, “Jongkong”, “Kalimantan” or “Ketapang”. It’s a strain that originates from the lush green jungles of Borneo. The leaves of this particular strain are picked by highly-experienced members of the indigenous tribes in Southeast Asia. And if you want to learn more about its properties, just read on.

What Effects Does Red Borneo Possess

Some users of our Kratom products report that Red Borneo primarily has a pain-relieving effect while also possessing properties that are inclined towards sedation and euphoria. The sedative effect is quite lower than other red strains though but with the right dose, it can be very helpful for relaxation and taking away stress.

Read Borneo is perfect for those who want to lessen pain while still having the right amount of energy and mind power to do tasks that require focus and concentration. The “Red” description in its name refers to the color of the veins that are on the raw leaves and not the color of the powder itself. The leaf is green in color and since it’s what the  Most Red Borneo Kratom powder is of dark green color while others have a normal green hue.

Red Borneo’s Less Dominant Effects

The red strain of the Borneo Kratom has been observed to have less stimulatory effects when compared to other common red strains. It’s rather a better strain for controlling pain and minimizing its effects. The sedating effect is also observed to be at the right level in moderate doses and the effect ranges from average to long-lasting compared to other red kratom variety.

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At Nomad Botanicals, we ensure that every single one of our Kratom products is of high-quality and potency. From the Kratom capsules down to the Kratom powders that are good for use in soaps and other hygiene products, all are free from impurities and fillers.

Our Kratom products are made of highly-potent leaves that are sourced from verified suppliers from Southeast Asia. Harvesting the right Kratom leaves at the right time is the secret to preserving its alkaloids which are responsible for preserving the effects that every strain possesses. If you’re looking for highly-potent and effective Kratoms then you’re in the right place! You can get it from us!


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