Green Thai Kratom Powder

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Originating from Thailand, the Green Thai Kratom is another popular strain that’s making a buzz around kratom users. It is no longer grown legally in its origin country but there are still enough trees that currently grow providing us with a healthy supply of the raw leaves itself. The Green Thai Kratom possesses properties that lie between those which the Red and White veined varieties have making it great for those who are looking for a balance of euphoric and stimulative effects found in the two separate varieties mentioned.

What It Can Offer

The properties that Green Thai possesses encompasses those that both the white and red strain varieties have. It is fitly described as mildly stimulating and euphoric at the same time. Yes! Many people love it because it’s capable of increasing focus and enriching energy while elevating the mood at the same time.

There are users who say that it also possesses a sedating effect when taken at higher doses. This means that the higher the dose taken, the lower its stimulative effects become. The strain is also known to have an analgesic effect which is moderately effective but still on a higher rate when compared to the other strains.

The duration of these effects is a little bit above average and it’s not yet been tested if it is less or more nauseating compared to other strains.

Where Does It Come From

Our Green Thai Kratom is sourced from mature trees that are grown naturally by highly-experienced indigenous Southeast Asian tribes. Ancient techniques of drying and grinding are then performed on the harvested leaves to ensure that the alkaloid content is preserved. The end product is a potent powder that is of sugary consistency and is ready to be used for different applications.


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