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Have you ever heard about Kratom? How about one of its most sought-after strain called the Green Malay Kratom? Let’s discover its origin and some important fact of this popular stain so you can see why it’s creating a buzz all over the health and wellness sphere. Let’s start by knowing where it comes from.

Green Malay Kratom: The Origin

You’ll find a clue about the country where it originated from just by looking at its name. Yes! The Green Malay Kratom primarily comes from Malaysia with different strains having several different conflicting stories about their origins. But in general, all the strains come from Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for high-quality Kratom, it is important to find legitimate suppliers who do lab testing and quality check to verify the purity and potency of the powder.

The green strain of the Malaysian Kratom is believed to have effects that last longer. And this is all because of the thick cellular structures that it possesses. However, the effects would vary from person to person and as well as the amount or dosage taken. The green strain Kratoms are known to possess the effects of both the white and red strains.

How is it Different From Other Strains?

Judging just by your eyes, it would be obvious that this strain has green veins instead of red or white as other strains do have.

This sometimes leads to confusion as people who read the name “red” or “white” would quickly assume that the powder is also red or white but actually, these names refer to the veins and not the leaves itself. The entire leaf is green in color and the resulting powder is also green with a slight difference (either lighter or darker) depending on the strain.

The confusion isn’t that much with the Green Kratom strain/variety since people already expect the powder to be green as its name itself suggests.

What Makes It Popular

The white and red strains both have unique properties which are all balanced in the green strain Kratom variety.

The red vein Kratom is known to have sedative and pain relieving properties while the white vein ones have a good mental conditioning and stimulating properties. This can vary of course depending on the source where you get the powder.

Many Kratom lovers prefer the green strain Kratom because it kind of balances the properties of both the white and red strains which means that it can offer the effects that the previously mentioned strains can produce.

Our Kratom’s Quality

It is important that Kratom leaves are harvested from the right trees and at the right season. Leaves that are harvested too soon would have a negative effect on its alkaloid efficacy and potency. This would then lead to a decreased Kratom powder quality.

Our Kratom products are taken from the right aged trees and the right mature leaves to ensure high potency and preserve the alkaloids that make it effective for every application and use. We don’t sacrifice quality for profit.

Know Where Your Kratom Is From

It’s important to source your Kratom from a company that’s USA-based like Nomad Botanicals. We test and ensure that our Kratom products pass quality standards and are free from additives and fillers.

We ensure full customer satisfaction by employing dedicated staff who work full-time in all of our offices around the country. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee as we aim to become the best source of lab tested high-potency Kratom Powders and Capsules.


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