Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

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Have you ever heard about Maeng Da? You might have caught the buzz about it especially among those who are practicing healthy living but there’s more to it than just good health and producing helpful results. Yes! Maeng Da is one of the most popular Kratom strains out there because of many reasons.

From picking down to the grinding and even the people who do the harvesting, the story of this high-grade Kratom strain is just purely interesting. The green vein Maeng Da variety is one of the most sought-after among all the other strains because of the value that it offers.

Green Maeng Da: What’s Special about it and Where You Can Get Some?

Maeng Da is a unique Kratom Strain because of the way it is grown. It relies on the technique called “grafting” in order to produce good variety Mitragyna Speciosa leaves and of course, to make the process successful, one has to find a healthy and mature tree. This art is mastered only by experienced indigenous tribes in Southeast Asia where we source most of our Kratom powder.

The harvested green leaves are then dried-up under the sun and special grinding method is done afterward to produce the sugar-like consistency powder which is good for proper distribution of the all-useful and healthy substances that it contains.

The name “Maeng Da” means intended for the upper-class or those people who are willing to spend money in order to get only the best. That is why Maeng Da Kratom powder especially the green variety is for the connoisseur who wants only the best quality Kratom available.

What Can Green Maeng Da Do?

Maeng Da’s effects range from helping one to relax down to its ability to stimulate different “feel good” sensations and state of mind. Other users report improved focus, enhanced motivation, peacefulness, calmness, and even sedation. It’s been used as a painkiller and a tool to increase productivity.

Effects may vary from person to person depending on the strain used and the dosage taken. The Green variety is particularly special because of its ability to give off most of these effects. Red is often associated to sedative properties, white for mental calming abilities, while green seems to fit both sides together which means that it can offer both worlds equally.

What about Alkaloids?

The unique effects that Kratom leaves are capable of giving off come from alkaloids. The composition of these alkaloids may vary depending on how good the plant is and how well it is cared for and maintained. Of course, the type of strain also has a direct effect on the alkaloid itself. The Kratom leaves used in our products come from trees that are grown in Indonesia where the climate is perfect for producing the best leaves.

Maeng Da is primarily made up of mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitraphylline which are said to help the strain produce the most active compounds compared to other Kratom powders. This property makes the Green Maeng Da strain desirable.

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