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Introducing the Green Borneo Kratom powder also known as the Green Vein Borneo. What does its name mean and what is its origin? Why do people like it? You’ll learn the answers to these questions here and even more so read on to discover every detail there is to this wonderful plant.

Green Borneo Kratom: Just What It Really Is?

Borneo Kratom comes in many different varieties and every single one of them is named not after the color of the leaves or the powder that it produces but primarily from the color of the vein on the leaves itself. And it is the vein’s color which gives a clue of the effects that a particular strain is capable of producing.

Some users report that the Borneo Kratom variety has effects that are inclined to the analgesic side. It also is found out to help in relaxing and mood improvement. It relieves anxiety and pain to some extent while others say that it can do even more! The effects can vary from person to person depending on the dosage and strain they use.

However, we want to make it clear that we’re not offering this as a treatment for any health condition and we don’t give advice or diagnosis. The information given in this page is intended only for educational purposes. For your health concerns, we recommend that you visit a doctor to learn more on whether taking Kratom or using it can help or aggravate your condition.

Where Does Borneo Kratom Come From?

The Green Vein variety of the Borneo Kratom powder that we have all originates from choice leaves coming from Indonesia. They are harvested by experienced indigenous tribes who are also responsible for post-harvest processing like drying and grinding. These tribes know the art of picking the right leaves by heart. They know when a leaf has already developed the right level of alkaloid amount. This ensures high potency and effectiveness of the resulting powder.

The way on how it is harvested and when affects the quality of a Kratom. It is also important to note that post-processing (drying and grinding) plays an important role in ensuring the efficacy of the product. Kratom has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Its analgesic effects along with the energy-boosting and focus-improving properties that it possesses make the Green Borneo Kratom particularly useful for different health applications.

What Makes Green Borneo Kratom Popular?

Every strain and the powder that is derived from each of them have unique properties. Red vein Kratom leaves are said to have sedative properties while white vein varieties boost metal processes. The green variety is believed (as other reviews claim) to have a balance of the effects that the former varieties produce but of course, it may vary from person to person and the dosage of course.

If you’re looking for calming, relaxation, and stress relieving properties combined with mind-boosting abilities then the green variety Kratom like this Green Borneo variety is going to be a perfect choice!

Green Vein: What Does it Really Mean?

Fresh Kratom leaves have a very noticeable vein structure. It’s like the root system on the leaves itself and its color identifies the name of the Kratom powder that it turns into after grinding. There’s the red strain, white strain and green strain Kratom variety and these colors correspond to the color of the veins on the leaf. The leaf itself has a green color so don’t expect to see a Red Borneo Strain Kratom powder to look red. It is primarily green in color since majority of the leaves is green and only the veins have the red color.

Stems are commonly removed in high-quality and laboratory tested Kratom but the alkaloids remain potent although they are in lower quantities. If you get a powder with some stems on them then you are actually paying the same price for the weight but it’s a less effective product that you’re getting.

Laboratory testing is done so that the quality and potency of the product is ensured. Our products undergo all required tests and examinations before they are delivered to you. And if you need Kratom Capsules as well as other Kratom products, we have them too! Feel free to browse through our product gallery to discover more!

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