Red Horned Capsules



You’re sure to love our Red Horned Kratom capsules containing only the finest Kratom trees from Southeast Asia. The farmers meticulously select and harvest the leaves with the right maturity. As soon as the leaves arrive fresh from harvest, the are ground and shipped right away to maintain its freshness and potency. We also guarantee that our capsules have NO additives in them. Each Red Horn Kratom capsule contains around 550 mg of pure and potent powder. The capsules come in size 00.

Ever wondered why the Red Horn Kratom is called such? It’s because the leaves have a very distinct shape unlike any other strain of kratom. This strain is one of the rarest because of its uniquely unpredictable yet amazing effects. The Red Horn Kratom is perhaps the most potent of all the strains.

The Red Horn Kratom joins the Maeng Da Kratom at the top of every consumer’s list. Its ever-growing popularity is a result of many positive feedback about its effects. When you consume these capsules, you’ll feel a surge of energy running through your body. You’ll also experience the effects of analgesia since this strain offers pain relief as well. Another important use for the Red Horn Kratom is its ability to improve cognitive effects.

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